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Published Weddings – Part 1

August 8, 2015

So you want to get published? When I started my photography career I never really imagined that I would be published. Over the course of 8 years I have appeared in multiple magazines as well as national and local wedding blogs. There is no big secret but there is a formula. Being an editorial photographer means that you strive for a level of coverage that far exceeds the average wedding photographer. In order to produce a wedding that is publish worthy there are a few basic techniques you have to incorporate into the wedding day coverage. Let’s expand on this starting with the first and probably most important aspect.


If you are generally not big on detail shooting you will need to get comfortable with it. No matter where you are looking to have the wedding featured you MUST show the details of the day. This can make up the story just as much as the moments during ceremony. Think of it in the mindset that the couple chose ever little thing on purpose. Every napkin, flower color, center piece and invitation was a discussion. You may not think it’s terribly important but if you are able to artistically capture that stack of coasters they specially ordered, your bride will thank you and the magazine will want you. It is not enough to shoot one center piece as in most cases each is slightly different. Here is an example of one center piece shot 4 ways. You see how different it can look with a simple change of angle or lens?

LUX Floral

Click on photo for more info on LUX Floral


If you are creating a collection rich in details, you will be a wedding vendors best friend! There is nothing better to another wedding vendor then getting beautiful images of their work. Many times they create these amazing works of art and are at the mercy of the photographer to share the images. If you want some unsolicited advise, never charge another vendor for using the images in their portfolio. This is one of the best things you can do for your business. Support other vendors and they will support you. Who doesn’t want to refer a photographer that will ultimately benefit them? I choose not to watermark but of course most do not mind if you do.

Every wedding is different as is the amount of details in every wedding. Seek them out. Come a little earlier than your contracted time to make sure you get extra shots. If you are tight on a timeline but you KNOW you want to submit a wedding, bring on a third shooter for a short duration. Have them stick to strictly details. If you trust them and know that they are good at it, this can be one of the best gifts to give yourself. You will be able to focus on the couple and know that someone else is focusing on all the little stuff. Have a game plan, talk through a list of what you want shot and how many angles of each. You may eat the cost of that third photographer but in the end it will be money well spent. More images means more album pages!

If you would like to see a sample of this wedding and how it was featured, click on the image below. This is still one of my favorite weddings to date. Whitney and the team at Some Like It Classic produced this beautiful Garden Themed Wedding.


Click photo to see this wedding featured on MODWeddings



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