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August 8, 2015

I am often asked “Do you photograph newborns?” That’s always a longer response than a simple yes. I go onto ask my potential clients what type of newborn session are they looking for. “Do you want to put a baby in a basket or are you looking for more real life images?” This question can often be confusing. If you have never had newborn photography done you are not sure what to expect. There are a hundred ways to shoot a baby (pardon the expression, I happen to love babies…)

Many are familiar with a more traditional style of photography. The baby is alone and looking peaceful…in a bucket. You have probably also seen a baby, in a field, on a log, looking like a wood nymph with it’s crocheted Etsy hat? All perfectly fine forms of baby photography. There are some crazy talented baby whisperers out there that have mastered this look. I am not one of them. I have broken into a full on sweat trying to master this style of newborn photography. Newborn sessions can be stressful for parents and baby if you try to do too much. I am not in anyway saying that there’s not a place for beautiful newborn photography…I am in awe of it. I just know that real life can be just as beautiful.


When shooting a lifestyle session, I always prefer to shoot in the home. No matter the size or the disarray that new parents house may be in, I would always prefer to be there. Life moves so fast. When you have children it moves even faster. Looking back on the place that you lived during the first and most special days is a whole other level of memory lane. When shooting newborn lifestyle, I am thinking about the baby..not necessarily the parents. I am thinking about that baby having a baby one day and looking back on their parents. Photography gives us the ability to freeze time. I think that sometimes the very core of what photography is can be lost in wardrobe and props, posting and likes. I want the images to evoke a moment. A laugh or a smile or a tear because time has flown. It really is what my brain is thinking about while I am shooting these types of sessions.



Bridgette Marie Photography



Matthew-226-eW Matthew-257-eW



This is one of my favorite families and I have had the pleasure of being there for both of their babies. Thank you guys for always trusting me with your special days.





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