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 We are here to capture your story and tell it in the most beautiful
way we know how. 
This is fashion influenced story telling through classically romantic images.

Look around, get to know us a bit!

 Bridgette Marie Weddings 

editorial wedding photography

Making fun of myself, random bouts of sarcasm, talking about my children, talking about my husband, analogies, reciting scenes from old tv shows and moonwalking.

what I'm known for:

I am an only child and a Gemini. Needless to say I was always trying new things and working my way to the middle of the room my whole life. Photography was never in my life's plan but ten years ago it found me and I was hooked. It is an honor every time I am chosen to tell a wedding day story so I am going to tell it in the most beautiful way I know how.

I'm a small town girl who also grew up in the city. I am a lover of 90's hip-hop and good tacos. I draw influence from old Hollywood and fashion trends. I still love tearing out magazine pages for inspiration.



MEET Bridgette

Born and raised in the middle of wheat country, south central Kansas, in a small town with only a post office and a few stop signs.  My twin sister and I loved playing in the mud, kissing toads, and dressing our lazy cats like  dolls. My current love is date nights with my fine specimen of a man husband. Unlike Bridgette I like to draw influence from fashion dont’s.  I love taping my own pictures on magazines to inspire others.
Oh and lots of sarcasm.

MEET shannon


Long uninterrupted naps, belly laughs, sarcastic comebacks, an organized washcloth drawer and homemade chocolate eclairs, fierce loyalty, being an equipment mule (wait until you see me on your wedding day), and most importantly: putting the B in Bridgette.

what she's known for:

The youngest of 7 kids, I have survived the battle of the fittest. I overcame right-handedness to be the only left-handed person in my family and being a self-proclaimed pink merle human (red merle on sunny days). I’ve enjoyed photography since my high school yearbook days, but got serious about it almost 10 years ago and am so fortunate to share friendship and work with some of the most talented photographers. 

It may sound so cliche' but ask any of our couples, we really do love you, too. We love your story and we love whatever got you to this most wonderful day. We want it as perfect as possible. We want you to feel like your day was pulled from the pages of a wedding magazine. To be so beautiful you relive the day even better than you remember.

We really do love you, too.

what makes us different

Our mission statement has always been that this is your love's legacy.

Your wedding day will be the first day of a new chapter in your life and one of the most intimate and joyous. Your wedding collection is the legacy of that single important day. You will show these images to your children and they will talk about it for many years to come. They are not just pictures, they are your love story. We know that you will revisit these minutes and hours of a single day for years to come.

We are humbled to be chosen as your story tellers.

This is your love's legacy.

what makes us different

Grace ormonde

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MOD Weddings



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If you think that we are exactly what you have been looking for in your wedding day coverage, let's talk some more. Perhaps you too have a love of tacos.
We only accept a very limited number of weddings a year so as soon as you know you are in love with our work, send us a note with your date and we will reach out to talk more. 
All of our collections include the high resolution files and are finish edited with the utmost care.
Every. Single. Photo...gets all our love. 

If you scrolled this far you must like us a bit.

booking information

We were an out of town couple doing a destination wedding in Scottsdale, so it was challenging finding vendors over the phone without living near by. From the first conversation I had with Bridgette, I was immediately at ease and knew she would be wonderful to work with. She has a beautiful and natural style to her photos that we absolutely fell in love with, and we were in complete awe when we saw our gorgeous wedding album. We will always cherish how she captured all of the special moments on our wedding day, and look forward to finding reasons to work with her again in the future.

-Erin & Andy Whitlatch

"...we were in complete awe when we saw our gorgeous wedding album."

Erin & Andy

kind words

"Seriously they are all so gorgeous. We are thrilled with how they turned out! You nailed exactly what I wanted."

Sarah & Ali

kind words

-Sarah & Ali Kronz

I absolutely LOVE Bridgette! She is a joy to work with. She is not only amazingly talented and professional, but she is super fun and relatable. She shot my engagement and wedding photos and I couldn't be happier with the results! The images really caught the emotions of the moment and brought to life the memory of our happiest days! The stunning images made us feel and look our best and she is fantastic at capturing the details, scenery, and colors true to life and in wonderful lighting! Bridgette made us feel very comfortable and has an incredible talent for directing to get you into romantic, yet natural and realistic poses. If I could do it all again, I would choose her every time and you should too! Did I mention how much I love her?

-Alison & Brock Yuskin

"Bridgette made us feel very comfortable and has an incredible talent for directing.."

Alison & Brock

kind words

Bridgette was beyond amazing every step of the way. She was very easy to communicate with and I loved her style. We had rain on and off on our wedding day and it didn't throw her off one bit - in fact our pictures turned out breathtaking due to the inclement weather. She captured the most amazing moments and I am so happy we chose her to do our photos.

-Allie & Jeff Davis

"She captured the most amazing moments and I am so happy we chose her to do our photos."

Allie & Jeff

kind words

As wedding planners, we have a lot of responsibility when referring vendors to our couples.  We can confidently refer Bridgette's team to any of our couples as she is one of the most knowledgeable and professional in our industry.  Bridgette knows how to capture every detail of the day and really tell a complete story.  She is also a master at editing and takes tons of time to make sure colors and tones are reflected accurately to create a classic and timeless look without being too filtered, blown out or dramatic. For this reason  and many more we look to her for our own brand images.
We can’t say enough good things about working with
Bridgette Marie.

-Trista of BTS Event Management

"We can confidently refer Bridgette's team to any of our couples as she is one of the most knowledgeable  professionals in our industry."

BTS Event Management

kind words



We can't wait to tell your story.



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